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Camp Whitewood - 2000's

Excerpts are taken from the publication "Through the Years at 4-H Camp Whitewood" written by John P. Parker, Professor Emeritus Ohio State University Extension.

Camp Office

New Camp Office

While the first 60 years of 4-H Camp Whitewood saw the establishment and growth of the camp and its programs, the next 6 years saw major changes. The years 2000-2001 saw a home donated to Camp, now located on the West side of Wiswell Road. This provided office space for computers and facilities for more efficient office and camp management. 


The Greenhouse

At the same time, a small greenhouse was donated to provide more educational programs in nature and plant science for the boys and girls. Program possibilities are only limited by staff time and space. 


Conservation Easement

Efforts toward placing much of the camp property in a conservation easement in the late 1990's came to completion in 2004. Approximately 50 percent of the property was put into this easement. Now it is protected from development and will be used indefinitely for camp educational programs. Preservation of this unique and beautiful area, unlike any other in Northeast Ohio, was a major accomplishment. 

Funds from the easement were put into The Ohio State University Foundation which provides interest income to improve facilities and support programs into the future. 


Wiswell Road Covered Bridge

While not a camp program, renovation of the covered bridge just north of camp is another major added attraction to the area. 4-H Camp Whitewood staff, through working with Windsor Township Trustees and the Ashtabula County Historical Society, helped encourage the bridge renovation along with improving and reopening the road to and through the bridge. The renovation was completed in the spring of 2004; it was an exciting time when the first cars were able to once again travel through the bridge. It is now a historic part of the camp area.

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