Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement:

The mission of Northeastern Ohio 4-H Camps, Inc. is the educational development of positive and productive life skills accomplished through group interaction in the unique natural environment of the Whitewood campus.

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Camp Whitewood Policy:

The goal of 4-H Camp Whitewood is for each camper to grow in appreciation, respect, and knowledge of:


          -those living things with whom the camper shares the Camp environment: the relationship to one’s peers, the adults who help at camp,

             and the creatures and plants living in the surrounding environment.


The objectives of 4-H Camp Whitewood would be achieved if each camper demonstrated the following behaviors:

 1.     Performs at least three physical skills that could not be performed before coming to Camp or which were performed at a lower level

          upon arrival at Camp.

 2.     Creates at least two objects (including written expression) which is acknowledged with pride as the camper’s own creation.

 3.     Presents at least three ideas for a program or activity of which the camper is a planning participant.

 4.     Indicates at least three times either verbally or physically that a desire or object of another person, creature, or plant has priority over

         the camper’s desire or object.

 5.     Indicates either verbally or physically that the camper values positively the difference(s) of another person or persons.

 6.     Accurately describes and shows approval of:

         a. several characteristics (physical and other) of a cabin mate and a counselor

         b. several cabin or group activities in which the camper has participated

         c. the physical characteristics of an animal and a plant, its habitat and niche

 7.     Participates in the identifying, planning, and carrying out of a project which will contribute to the safety, fun, or comfort of other people

         in Camp.

 8.     Participates in the identifying, planning, and carrying out of a project which will aid in the maintenance or restoration of a natural or

         historical area or which will enable the continued existence of an animal or plant.

 9.     Acknowledges verbally the physical and aesthetic dependence on the natural, undisturbed environment.

10.   Participates in craft class, table setting, or group project which teaches youth to use their hands in a new way to create an object or to be

         of service to others.

11.   Participates in vesper, candle lighting, or inspirational service which reaffirms one's faith and/or a love and appreciation for fellowman.

12.   Has been driven to make decisions regarding personal behavior and has learned to accept the responsibility for his/her own behavior.

13.   Has had an opportunity to improve physical development through sports or exercise in a safe and healthy manner.