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Is there something special you own that you don't need anymore, but just can't throw away? Here's the perfect opportunity for you!


4-H Camp Whitewood is searching for donations to help improve our facilities for children all over Northeast Ohio. Whether it is paint supplies for our craft hall,  or camping equipment for our Outdoor Education Program, any donations you can make will help tremendously!


All donations made to 4-H Camp Whitewood are tax deductable and will help make the experience of camp a fun and educational time for everyone.

Here are some examples of donations that we are always in need of:




Sand Toys

Flotation Devices

Craft Supplies



Fishing Poles

Fishing Equipment

General Athletic Equipment

Working Used Appliances

Yard Equipment (tractors, implements)

Picnic Tables


We appreciate and accept any and all donations given to us. Without your help and support 4-H Camp Whitewood would not be able to serve thousands of children each year.

For more information on how to donate these items, please contact our camp office.


4-H Camp Whitewood

7983 S. Wiswell Road

Windsor, OH 44099

440-272-5275 or


Northeastern Ohio 4-H Camps, Inc. is a registered

501(c)3 non-profit educational

organization. Donations are tax-exempt and deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Tax ID #/ EIN # is: 34-6003239


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