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The Camp Experience


Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature at Camp Whitewood! Our campers enjoy hikes through the woods and creek hiking in Phelps Creek where you may find salamanders and other critters! 


Not only do we have a beautiful lake to swim in, campers can play water volleyball or take a turn on the water trampoline or even take a spin on the keylog! Campers are supervised by certified lifeguards during all water activites. 

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Special Activities

The fun doesn't end just because the day is coming to a close.  Enjoy campfires and other group activities or games in the evening!

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Every camper enjoys playing in Camp Whitewood's lake.  Canoe with your friends or try your hand at kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding. 

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Arts & Crafts Programs

Explore your creative side and use your imagination as you create works of art in our craft hall.  The kids above enjoyed getting messy to create paper mache balloons for an angry birds activity!

Shooting Sports

A favorite activity for a lot of our campers is shooting sports. You will have a chance to learn the basics of archery, shotguns/rifles, sling shots and atlatls from a certified instructor. 

Camp Whitewood is a magical place!  Staying in cozy cabins, exploring the beautiful Phelps Creek and enjoying delicious meals prepared by our kitchen staff will have you feeling like part of the community right from the beginning of your stay at camp.  

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