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What to Wear

• Jeans

• Shorts

• T-shirts or other short sleeve shirts

• Long sleeve shirts

• Sweatshirt or a fleece (We have chilly nights here! Hoodies are available in our Camp Store)

• Underwear (bring enough for each day, plus extra)

• Socks (you can never have too many socks)

• Comfy, but sturdy shoes for hiking and sports

• Old tennis shoes (for getting muddy)

• OPTIONAL: Water shoes (like crocs or keens; not flip-flops) for boating. You need something that will hold your heel)

• Shower sandals (these can be flip flops)


• Pajamas or sleepwear

• Hat, cap or bandana

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• Washcloth and towels (one for swimming, one for bathing, one or two extras)

• Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, hair brush, nail clippers, sanitary supplies, chap-stick and travel size tissues.​

• Deodorant (recommended for ages 10 and up. We are very active here!)

• Sleeping bag or twin size sheets or blanket. (NO NEED TO BRING BOTH).

• Pillow with pillow case


• Water-bottle (available at Camp Store)

• Rain Coat or Poncho

• Warm Jacket

• Sunscreen and bug spray

• Letter writing material: stamps, pens, pencils, stationary, envelopes (pre-addressed is best)

• Disposable Camera(s)

• Journal

• Laundry bag (or garbage bag) for dirty laundry

• OPTIONAL: Flashlight (use of flashlights is not permitted during most evening activities; outside lights illuminate the restroom areas throughout the night)

• Any prescription medications you need while you’re here (must be in original prescription bottle; will be checked in with the camp nurse)

What NOT to bring

• Cell Phones!! There is absolutely no Cell Phones allowed there are no exceptions to this!

iPods, Radios, MP-3 players, any game system or other electronic devices.   We cannot be responsible for these items and they take away from the camp experience.

• Weapons, including pocket knives

• Over the counter medications (we have a fully equipped health lodge). If a camper brings over the counter medicine, it must be checked in with our camp nurse at check in.

• Campers may be dismissed from camp if found possessing weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Camp Whitewood is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Items that are left at Camp Whitewood will be donated to a local charity, so please check the lost and found before your departure. Please, do not send anything valuable or delicate to camp.

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