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Getting Ready for Camp

Getting ready for camp is an exciting journey in which big plans, visions of that awesome water trampoline, personal goals, and even anxieties all play a role.  Don't let your preparations for camp become overwhelming!  We'll help you keep things simple and organized with the tips in this short video:

Parents have some very important responsibilities in preparting their camper for Camp Whitewood.  The information in this video can help make for a successful camping experience for the whole family!

Camp is an amazing experience that our campers cherish for years after attending. 

Our "tricks of the trade" for enjoying camp to the fullest are outlined in the video above!

 To learn more about our camp offerings and to register,

go to: Summer Camps!


 Visit the Camp Camp Store

To help you prepare for camp, we've created a helpful

 "Parent Checklist" to guide you through the weeks before camp.  Download or print the form to stay on track as camp gets closer.

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